i don’t know how it all started

the thing is, after all this time, i should’ve known that i couldn’t let feelings ruined my head. life lessons has taught me that simple matters shouldn’t bothered me at all. but you know i let things slipped through my fingers.

i let people who shouldn’t even be there walk into my life, ruined my feelings. knows my deepest secret, see the “whole” of me, which i should have stop from the beginning. yet i let them in. do everything they can to “destroy” me. sometimes, i laughed at myself for being such a complete stupid A-hole. like you know, i let myself become those what we called “the lowest form human being”. i never thought that i would do these thing. i don’t know, till now, what’s going on with everything. with me.

"time is a flat circle, everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over again. and that little boy and that little girl they’re gonna be in that room again and again."

A : ahhh you make me even more suffered.

B : Sometimes, All it takes is just to be an a-hole. all through life.

A :……


I always thought of the english singer/songwriter Morrissey as a sort of a sexual Alan Bennett, british playwright because of his attention to detail, he’ll take a small subject matter and make a very grandiose statement of it. His last album, Your Arsenal, was produced, ironically, by Mick Ronson. And Mick sent me a copy of the tape, and I couldn’t but notice that one of the songs on the album, I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday, was a kind of a parody of one of my earlier songs, Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide. And so, I sort of thought it would be fun to take that song, and do it the way I would have done it, in 1974-ish. - David Bowie discussing Morrissey on the Black Tie White Noise dvd.